Is the baby here yet?!

I’m sat in bed, feeling an actual emotional wreck. I’m heavily pregnant. Hormones are raging. I’m right at the end now. Bub could be here any day. Which day is quite the mystery to us all.

My phone vibrates. I look at the message. I know before I even read it what it will say: ‘is the baby here yet?!’ I throw the phone down. I’m just so over it right now, its the last thing I need to hear and be reminded of. Never ‘how are you?’ Always about the baby.

And I get it. Everyone is excited. I was excited. Until I started to feel like shite 24/7 and hit some magical ‘due date’ full of empty promises (that actually lacked any magic and turned out just like every other late pregnant day). My body and mind so done in and over it now.

My first baby was born early, taking us all by surprise, so I didn’t experience any of this. This time I’ve been very cautious not to reveal any specific ‘due dates’ (of which I actually have 2 – lucky me) as the last thing you need when you go ‘over’ is that bloody question. It’s stressful and frustrating enough as it is!

So, I thought I’d be clever. I went with a due month instead. I thought ‘I’ll keep this real.’ I mean giving babies are actually born within a 5 week period, with only 5% born on this magical ‘due date.’ And then I won’t get harassed as much if I happen to tip over to the wring side of where the magic was supposed to happen…

How wrong can you be?!! I’ve even had people try to work out my ‘due date.’ I mean seriously…f**k off! This is my baby and my birth, not yours! Who’d have known?!

I’ve heard of women even being asked if baby is here yet before their due date! There’s so many high emotions around this date and worries of what might happen next. Hospitals starting to talk about induction ridiculously early etc. Women feel enough pressure!! Please just don’t!! We really don’t need it and it isn’t helpful for anyone!

Every text reminds us: still no baby; another day ticking in the preassure time bomb! Is it possible for people to just wait patiently? And believe as soon as there is news, you’ll know soon enough? There really is NO NEED to ask!

And additionally…Has anyone considered how Mum is feeling about the impending birth? Or the fact this last month is dragging on and on and on and on? Probably not!

The best thing you can do for me if you can only ask about baby is: DONT ASK.

I have to say, in the midst of all this, I’ve had some fantastic friends contact me with some beautiful messages too. The most lovely messages I’ve had; ‘I’m thinking of you lovely’ or ‘sending positive birth vibes for when the time comes’ or even ‘how are you?’ That is touching and shows a stressed out, heavily pregnant mum you really care, without reminding her of the predicament she’s in.

This has been incredible source of support and allowed me to actually go ‘blah’ if I’ve wanted. Venting feelings is so important to try and reach a relaxed state where labour can begin. Thank you to those lovely friends keeping my sanity in the midst of this insane emotional whirlwind! My keepers. You are the best ❤️

So what next? Well I’m waiting for my next ‘magical’ date, which is most probably going to be like all other late pregnant days! Or maybe not…

One thing is for sure: bub will come in his or her own perfect time. Please hold that faith for us and send us your love. For that’s what we actually need right now.

And seriously if I read one more time ‘any news’ or ‘is the baby here yet’ I could easily and happily kill someone!!! So bloody well beware!!!!!

Yours, hormones and all, Cat x



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