Getting into your ‘winning’ flow

In all my struggles with my mind, I’ve learnt one very valuable lesson: count the small things. The small wins. The small reasons to be grateful. Pretty much anything small. It does mount up, although on a bad day it may not seem like it. Yesterday morning was a prime example. I had a great […]

Surviving Mother’s Day..

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK woohoo! Or more accurately for some of us make that…boohoo!! It can actually be a really sad day for some Mum’s and what makes it worse is it’s a day where we ‘should’ be happy. This can amplify sadness and also bring about guilt and disappointment. Here are a […]

Adrenal Fatigue: behind my PND mask

It feels like my life has just begun and ended all at the same time. Of course, it hasn’t actually ended but life as I’ve always known it has… I’ve recently had investigative work done and found out I have a hormone imbalance and my adrenals are not working properly. In fact, they are pretty […]

Juggling detoxing with being a Mum

I love a good detox. Well actually…I have only ever done one prior to being a Mum. But…whilst being full on and time consuming, the results were fantastic – I looked and felt great. Why detox? A detox is so important in this day and age, where toxins come at us from all angles. A […]

Dark emotions and being a Mum

Dark emotions and being a Mum

Experiencing dark emotions can be a confronting topic to talk about. But its also an important talking point. And what surprised and motivated me to write this post was finding it to be an area where help is lacking. Defining the dark It can feel quite distressing to experience some of our darkest emotions, especially; […]

Trying to be at your best

I’m lay here and I should definitely be sleeping. I’m listening to my new born snore (the only time in life snoring can be cute). My head is just buzzing. It’s been a great day! I’m not sure exactly what has made it so good… Whether it was having a full nights sleep last night […]

When birth takes you by surprise…

After birthing my first born (almost two years ago now) I listened to the midwives tell me, ‘be careful, next time, sneeze and the baby will be out!’ I thought that was an interesting way of thinking about it. I also thought; I couldn’t be that lucky twice, could I? I mean, I had made the hospital the first time […]

Is the baby here yet?!

I’m sat in bed, feeling an actual emotional wreck. I’m heavily pregnant. Hormones are raging. I’m right at the end now. Bub could be here any day. Which day is quite the mystery to us all. My phone vibrates. I look at the message. I know before I even read it what it will say: […]

When breast feeding ends

When breast feeding ends

When my breastfeeding journey took a turn for the worse (i.e. our struggles landed me in hospital with post natal depression), I was horrified. And I mean horrified. How could it be my body couldn’t meet my baby’s demands no matter what I tried? I mean I’d had the perfect natural birth of my dreams: […]

To the Mother with PND: it’s not your fault…

To the Mother with PND: it’s not your fault…

Post Natal Depression (PND) is so much more prevalent than you think. You’re not alone, far from it. Panda (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia) estimates a whopping 1 in 7 new Mothers experience postnatal depression. The adjustment from life before baby to life after is simply massive for ALL women . The readjustment is likely bigger […]

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