Juggling detoxing with being a Mum

I love a good detox.

Well actually…I have only ever done one prior to being a Mum. But…whilst being full on and time consuming, the results were fantastic – I looked and felt great.

Why detox?

A detox is so important in this day and age, where toxins come at us from all angles. A build up of toxins in the body can result in so many issues, from the minor (not performing at our best) to the more serious (chronic disease and mental illness).

The human body is remarkable in so many ways but it can only do so much when stretched so far. And we are in an era where it is stretched…

We ingest toxins in the foods we eat.

We slop toxins onto our skin in the ‘beauty’ products we choose.

And they are all around us in our environment.

They really are everywhere and there is no escape (though we can minimise them). A detox can really help the body cleanse our overloaded systems and support them to do what they are doing naturally.

Detoxing and Mumming

A detox sounds like a wonderful idea doesn’t it? A real treat for our body! But what when we have small children who ARE demanding AND we are already stretched is so many ways?

I’ve found whilst it can be done, it isn’t easy. As I already said, a detox is ‘full-on.’ On top of an already hectic life, attempting a detox is intense to say the least. BUT it is possible. Anything is possible. If we want it enough, we will find a way.

Whilst going through the detox process with small children, a few things really helped me that I’d like to share:

*Creating time and space*

These days everyone babbles on about self-care. And lets face it often it’s last on the to-do list. It get’s overlooked in the myriad of things to do.

There’s no question about it though, when detoxing we really MUST put ourselves higher up that list, ideally first (dare I say it?)!!!

We are not going to be firing on all cylinders, especially initially. This is a given, not a maybe. As your body releases toxins you’re likely to experience an array of symptoms, varying in intensity from person to person.

Rest is a vital part of a detox too so you’ll really need support.

Try and think of how you can create time for you. This time it’s vital to success. Without my Mum (who lives overseas) moving in for a few months, I’m not sure I could have tackled a detox (with a baby and a toddler).

I’d recommend brainstorming how you can create time and space. The saying comes to mind: ‘Fail to plan, plan to fail!’ I think this is so true, especially with something so challenging as a detox.

Ask yourself some questions like: Can you take a few days off work in those initial days to rest and get organised? Can you get more family support for a few weeks? Can you put your kids into day care or the like?


*Keep things simple*

Whilst detoxing, I found I could serve the whole family much of the food I was eating, with some simple additions. Rather than cook separate meals, I found this approach really saved time and helped my family get healthier (safely) too.

You’ll likely find initially you have to make extra effort cooking and preparing food, as it will be quite different to your norm. So keeping things simple and saving time where you can is really quite important.


*Get the whole family involved*

It is fantastic for your children to learn about the importance of detox. Whilst you can’t include them in everything, there will be parts of your detox where you can involve your children.

One of my symptoms was a terrible itchy rash (‘wake up at 2am and have to shower’ terrible). One of the remedies I tried was a clay body mask. My two year old found this so enjoyable. From watching Mummy turn into a mudded superhero to playing with ‘mud.’ It was fantastic he could join in. We had so much fun! And the itch even stopped for an hour!

Exercise is another area where you can include and encourage everyone to get their health on too!


*Be bloody well good to yourself*

Detoxing is an intense time on your body and mind. It isn’t easy. And tackling this with a small family is tough (though so worthwhile).

Whilst undertaking a detox it’s important be really good to yourself. Remind yourself how well you are doing by even attempting to get your health on at this time.

Take a bath. Read a book. Do what makes you feel happy. The housework can always wait! It isn’t going anywhere!



If you have extra challenges going on in life, then it may not be the right time. I’ve been dying to start for months but whilst in the midst of breastfeeding, I just couldn’t. That was more important to me. Frustratingly, it didn’t feel quite right. Now bubs is a bit older I can put my health first (even if I have to ween her earlier than I’d like). Your time will come and when it comes you’ll know it. It will feel intuitively ‘right.’ Don’t worry, the universe will let you know!


Where I’m up to

I can’t say I’m out of the woods yet in my journey (far from). But I am confident this will leave me feeling fantastic (eventually). I really believe in the power of detox AND the power of the body in recovering from whatever our personal challenges are, be it health or otherwise. I’ll share more about the ins and outs of my detox when I can. There’s just so much to say!

Whilst I have spent a week ‘rashed up to the 9’s’ and itching like a demon (a sign my liver is struggling), I am feeling better. My body is somehow happier and I feel lighter. Psychologically, I am feeling happier and I am starting to find clarity towards my own goals again. I’m definitely getting there. And for that I am very very grateful indeed.

Wherever you are on your journey to optimal health, I send you lots of healing vibes and wish you all the best. Your time will come. That you can look forward to, with complete faith. Wherever you’re up to, you’re doing a great job!


With much love,

Cat x


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