Getting into your ‘winning’ flow

In all my struggles with my mind, I’ve learnt one very valuable lesson: count the small things. The small wins. The small reasons to be grateful. Pretty much anything small. It does mount up, although on a bad day it may not seem like it.

Yesterday morning was a prime example. I had a great morning and the small stuff really added up…

Before 10am I had:

*Got the baby up, dressed, fed and back down for his nap (not to mention actually participating in his play time)

*Cooked 3 different types of meals, totalling 15 portions (I must blog about this life hack as it took one hour only)

*Had the dryer man come fix my tumble dryer

*Driven to the garage and put air into my bike tyres at the garage

and even

*Had an enquiry, inspection and sold my bike.

All in literally 3 hours…I could hardly believe it myself.

So on reflection, I thought about what had happened as clearly I wanted to repeat this kind of morning everyday! Back in my previous life I’d have been lucky to have come round/feel alive by this time! Was it a one off? Was it a fluke? Or was there more to it?

The answer was this: I felt totally in the flow. I didn’t resist it. I didn’t think about it. I just got on with it. The flow is that feeling of ease, when everything is going well and moving forward. When we are not stuck in our head and overthinking things. Being in the flow meant I could appreciate the small things and they added up really quickly and continued to.

These are my top tips for getting in the flow:

Act before you think

No I did not mix my words up! To be quite blunt thinking can really cause havoc to your flow. Your logical head tells you what to do and this easily takes us away from our intuitive hearts, where all the true answers lie. You can talk yourself right out of a multitude of things listening to your head and this can move you away from your flow and heart. The heart is key to our intuition.

Clear your mind

Meditate. Walk. Run. Swim.  Whatever you need to do to get out of that thinking head space and into your heart space. Cooking, driving and gardening are great for this I find. They all keep my conscious thinking mind busy whilst I tap into my heart and get into my flow.

Go with the flow

Once you are in the flow, stay there. Don’t turn that logical, thinking mind on or you risk disrupting the flow entirely and in an instant too. We obviously need the logical mind. It can be helpful but it can also impair us too. Practicing mindfulness can keep our overthinking mind at bay.

I think being in the flow is crucial in life. That feeling of ease. The total opposite of the feeling of going against something. Pushing for something to happen that just isn’t the right time or direction.

I just love the flow…

It’s always where the best magic happens.

Have you ever felt in ‘the flow?’ What got you there? What kept you there? I’d love to hear your experiences and also tips! So much we can learn from each other.

With much love,

Cat x






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