Surviving Mother’s Day..

It’s Mother’s Day in the UK woohoo!

Or more accurately for some of us make that…boohoo!!

It can actually be a really sad day for some Mum’s and what makes it worse is it’s a day where we ‘should’ be happy. This can amplify sadness and also bring about guilt and disappointment.

Here are a few tips and re-frames I put together in a bid to help you survive this ‘amazing’ day (lucky for me I’m in Australia so I escape the crazy hype until May):

#1: Avoid the media

Mother’s Day: it’s actually everywhere in your face, in BOLD letters!! If all that talk about another ‘fabulous Mum’ makes you feel down (in all that you feel you are not – note the word ‘feel’) then it’s perfectly ok to hide away for the day. Tying in nicely to..

#2: It’s your day; spend it in your own way

It is Mother’s Day after all. It’s your day (whether you like it or not) and up to you what you do with it! Simple. Do what you want to do. Whatever that is. Just make it something that makes YOU feel GOOD. If you struggle to focus on yourself, do something nice for someone else. This is a great way to feel good as well as making someone else feel good too:)

#3: Celebrate all that is

Think of all you HAVE accomplished. Think of all you do for your family every day and celebrate it. It is so easy to think of what we don’t do. Balance your perspective. If we are biased either way it isn’t real and it isn’t the truth. So be truthful and celebrate your successes, even the small ones.

#4: Balance your viewpoint

Do not just look at Facebook posts and feel like everyone else is doing this super incredible job and you can’t compare (comparing ourselves is always a recipe for disaster as we know). Every Mum has good days, bad days and everything in between. Keep your views in their real perspective. Do not believe all you read on FAKEBOOK. This is enough to depress anyone on any day of the week.

#5: If you can’t beat ’em join ’em

If you can, get into the national swing of it (as annoying as it can be). This may be easier said than done but holding onto negative feelings never helped anyone. If you can, acknowledge your feelings and then let them go (this is not one I find easy but one I strive for). Then celebrate all that you are, beautiful Mama.

#6: This too shall pass

Whatever happens and however the day goes always keep in mind the saying, ‘this too shall pass.’ The day will come and the day will go. It will soon be over. And life will return to normal. Keep it in perspective, it really is just one day a year. You can get through it!


These are just a few ideas to help reframe what can be a really difficult day for some of us. I know that every Mum out there does her best for her children. Some of us have some very challenging times in one way or another. You may not feel ‘good enough’ but I know in doing the best you can with what you have, it is plenty. It really is a reason to celebrate.

And on a final note, it’s a really good time to connect with other Mothers. I think Mothering the Mother is seriously under rated and super important. Let’s support each other today even more than we do on your average day. Take time to nourish each other and be good to each other, as well as yourself. Who knows maybe a Mum you reach out to is feeling just the same way about the epic -Mothering Sunday!

With a big fellow Mama bear hug,

Cat x


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