Trying to be at your best

I’m lay here and I should definitely be sleeping. I’m listening to my new born snore (the only time in life snoring can be cute).

My head is just buzzing. It’s been a great day! I’m not sure exactly what has made it so good…

Whether it was having a full nights sleep last night (thanks hubby). Or starting the day with a smoothie. Or the walk in nature with my toddler whilst the newborn slept in the carrier. Or eating healthily. Or drinking enough water. Or getting out alone for an hour to the markets.

Whatever, it doesn’t really matter. Truth be known I’m starting to see its cumulative. Our efforts to be at our best needn’t be perfect. It’s more bit by bit that counts. Trying to find a balance. Trying to find the formula that works for me.

And I tell you this, today…my heart is full of love and gratitude. I feel well. I feel alive. I feel inspired to keep trying everyday too! If today feels so good, how could I not?!!

What can you try today to be at your best? What small bit of goodness can you add in for yourself? What are you truly grateful for?

Think about it. It’s important. You’re important. And of course you’re totally worth it…everytime ?

Love, Cat x

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